Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twelve year olds could get pregnant right?

I've had to dress up at work the past few days, so a couple days had passed since I last attempted to button my jeans. I had already made the decision that I needed to go shopping for some maternity clothes. And, its a good thing that I already had this planned. I was getting dressed yesterday and low and behold! My jeans didn't fit. Not even close. Like, there was an inch gap between my button and the hole I was trying to stick the button in. But, I didn't give up. I calmly laid down on the bed thinking that maybe, just maybe, the "fat" would spread a little to the side while lying down and then I could button my jeans. Yeah, no such luck. It doesn't move to the side at all when you're pregnant. So, I eyed the belly band that was sitting on the dresser and decided that wasn't acceptable at that particular moment. I was determined to get a pair of my jeans buttoned. Really determined. Instead, I grabbed another pair of jeans. Much to my surprise, those didn't fit either. I was beginning to run out of options since laundry has been on the back burner these days and was left with one last pair of jeans. When I realized that these jeans were slightly big on me anyway. After a little hesitation, I attempted to button my last option. I attempted to suck in what I could, and viola! The button slid right into the button hole. I was really excited about this until I realized I might not be so lucky next time. After all, I didn't wear jeans for only two days before this and I still have 5 1/2 months of pregnancy left. So, I left, husband in tow, in search of much more roomy clothes.

I had already attempted to go maternity shopping for the fun of it one other time. But, I wasn't that disappointed when I didn't find anything because I didn't really need anything at that point. I decided to attempt the mall where I ended up at a couple different maternity stores with no luck. I mean, I know I'm small. When you are 25 years old and are the size of an average 12 year old, its going to be a little difficult finding clothes. Pre-pregnancy I was 4'10 inches tall and weighed 88 lbs (I can take a moment to hate's ok, everyone does). Shopping for myself pre-pregnancy was a nightmare. But, its a whole new level of nightmare now that I'm with child. These stores advertise that they sell XS maternity clothes and then you get there and the smallest size you can find is a medium. That doesn't do me any good. I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm entitled to and because I just want to. I mean, don't 12 year olds get pregnant sometimes? Where the hell do they shop for maternity clothes? Just curious. Not that I condone creating a maternity line for middle schoolers, but geez. I just wanna know.

Oh Baby!

Well, I guess its time to start keeping track of my pregnancy through pictures. I have been waiting to do this until I at least had something to show. And I guess, that time is now. I have felt people looking at me strangely the past couple weeks. They were probably trying to determine if I was just getting fat or if I was pregnant. Well, guess what folks...I'm pregnant and its starting to show. Here's week 14.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I decided a long time ago that I wanted a family....its just something you're supposed to do. But more than that, I wanted the chance to have my very own dysfunctional family in all its glory! Even knowing that I wanted a family, I didn't realize how much I wanted one until recently. I've always known that my husband was a family man and that he would always be a good husband and father. So,we got married after 7 years of dating. We were still on our honeymoon when the question started coming from every direction.....when are you going to have a baby?

I wasn't interested in starting right away. I mean, I got married at 22....let me live a little PLEASE! I resisted every time I heard the word "baby." Baby shower? Crap. Babysit? No thanks. But, deep down, I knew what I wanted from life....eventually.

But, first, I wanted to go to college. I decided when I was a junior in high school that I didn't feel like paying for college. It just wasn't part of my plan. Going to school for 4 years and then paying for it for...umm...20? No thanks. Sure, it probably would've been much more fun doing it the more traditional way....going off to college, attending countless parties and getting completely wasted, sleeping through class after the countless parties, etc. but I didn't want to pay for that. Instead, I got a job. I got a job that paid the bills, allowed my husband and I to buy a house, and one that would pay for my school. So, I worked full time, went to school full-time and I now have a degree and no school loans. Mission accomplished. And, if nothing else, school bought me some time from the word "baby."

But, even though I said on my honeymoon that we were going to wait until I was finished with school, I've still heard the same question for the past three and a half years (thanks to my father-in-law)....when are you going to have a baby? Well, the answer is.....NOW! I managed to wait until I finished school to have a baby. Although, I didn't wait long. I graduated December 18 and found out I was pregnant on December 22. Mission accomplished again. Now, something that I wanted "eventually" is at the forefront of my thoughts....starting my very own dysfunctional family.