Sunday, July 11, 2010

Online Baby Poll

I thought it might be fun to do an online baby poll to see when everyone thought Gavin would make his appearance. Click on the button on the right to enter your guess!

A funny side note....

When I was setting up the poll, I asked Lonnie for his estimate. My husband makes me laugh. I asked for a date. Normal response. I asked for the time Gavin is born. Normal response. I asked for the weight. Normal response. I asked for the length.....his initial response: 8 inches! He thinks our baby is going to be 6 lbs. 11 oz. and only 8 inches long! Could you imagine what this child would like if he was almost 7 lbs and only 8 inches long!? I laughed so hard I started crying. After he heard how hard I was laughing, he responded, "I don't know how long babies normally are..." He then followed it up with "I thought maybe he'd be short and round like his mommy."

He's never going to live that one down.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby Shower!

My fellow pregnant friend, Dana, and my sister-in-law Jennifer, threw me an awesome baby shower on June 26th. With any good baby shower, you must have food and cake. And, I ate plenty of good food including bean dip and chicken wings. And, becuase it doesn't take much to distract me these days, I passed right on by the healthy stuff, like fruit, and went straight for the chicken wings and bean dip. What can I say, I'm pregnant. I can get away with it.

A baby shower wouldn't be complete without games. Apparently, some people thought I was much larger than I am (uh, thanks Emily).

All in all, Gavin racked up with lots of goodies!

A big, giant thank you to Dana for everything! I'm so glad I'm getting to experience this with someone else and I can't wait to return the favor!