Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Updates

Random iphone photo sent to me at work this week. courtesy of grandma.

I catch myself looking too much into the future. I can't wait for Gavin to take his first steps. I can't wait for the first time he says "I wuv you!" But looking too far into the future can leave you missing out on what's happening now.

  • Gavin is doing really good eating solids. He's a little piggy (although he's still my little peanut). So far he's had: cereal, oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce, bananas, green beans and peas. He's such a little drama king when it comes to stuff he doesn't like at first though. He makes this awful little face (which makes me laugh) and then he gags. I can't help but laugh at him.
  • He's rolling over but not all the time. He hasn't figured out that he can get places yet...thank goodness.
  • He's grabbing....EVERYTHING. My hair, my face, my hands, my dinner. Lonnie was feeding him the other day and he grabbed the bowl of food right out of his hands.
  • Gavin peed all over Lonnie last night. Poor daddy. Needless to say, a bath was next on the agenda. He never pees on me :)
  • He's still waking up once a night and he usually ends up in bed with us after that. He goes right back to sleep after getting a snack. I need to start working on eliminating this. But he's just so snuggly.
  • He is so ticklish! It brings out his cute little giggle every time.
  • His cheeks are getting so fat :) I just want to kiss them and pinch them. Thanks hubby for giving Gavin your chipmunk cheeks.
  • He's getting more hair on his head. Except on the sides and in the back. Just the top. He's going to have a crazy little hair style in a couple months.
  • He's on his way to sitting up on his own! Grandma said the other day he sat unassisted for about a minute. Then he moved his head and toppled over :)
  • Gavin can't sit still. He's got to be moving something at all times. Whether its his foot or his hands, he's always moving. Busy little boy!

That's all for now!

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