Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's Gavin up to?

...the answer to that is....he's everywhere! He's pretty much a mix between a bull in a china shop and an energizer bunny. Time is flying by so fast (mainly because I spend most of my days chasing after a little one) and I cannot believe Gavin will be turning 1 in a week. This little boy just makes me smile. He learns something new everyday and I just watch him in amazement. So, here's a little update.

  • He eats everything! He still eats Stage 3 foods with table food mixed in. He's getting to the point where he'd rather eat what we're eating so I've started giving him more grown up food. He loves green beans, broccoli, french toast sticks and macaroni and cheese. And spaghetti. And yogurt. And graham crackers. And I could on and on. Whatever you put in front of him, he eats it!

  • He's not quite walking yet but he's trying his hardest! He's taken a few steps here and there but he still crawls mostly. His new favorite past time is running along the couch, reaching over to the coffee table and running around that. He'll do that like 50 times and keep going. He wears me out just watching him.

  • He loves dogs! He loves to play with Jack at our house. He'll crawl up to Jack and stick his finger on Jack's nose. Gavin thinks it's funny because Jack always licks his finger when he does that. He also loves to terrorize Candy (my mom's dog) during the day. I say terrorize because he tries to run her over in the walker. Poor Candy.

  • He loves bath time. He splashes and makes a mess and has a good ole time. The only thing he doesn't like is getting his hair rinsed out (mainly my fault because I ALWAYS get water in his eyes.....oops). He's usually ok if I sing the itsy bitsy spider to him while rinsing his hair though.

  • He DOES NOT like the word no. It hurts his feelings. Most of the time I get this little look though....I think it might be his puppy dog face. It's usually followed by a little mischievious grin and then he goes back to whatever it was he was doing before hearing the awful "n" word.

And, just because he's so darn cute, here are a few pictures from tonight. Gavin and I headed outside to water some plants this evening and I decided to snap a few pictures while I was there.

I'll be playing catch up with this blog over the next few weeks so I'll be posting stuff out of order. Stay tuned!


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