Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why the horror?

It has always amazed me that everyone loves to share their horror stories about pregnancy and child birth and everything that comes along with those two topics. The stories always start with "This one girl I know ::insert horrible, horrific story about what happened to girl here::" One girl even told me a story about this girl she knew that had to have reconstructive surgery on her goods (thanks for scarring me for life by the way). And I'm still trying to understand why women love to share these horror stories to those of us expecting a little one. When asked why they just shared the horrific story, their response is always "It's best to be prepared."

Well guess what folks! I don't want to be prepared for . I know things can happen. I'm not naive. But, I don't need to hear about them.
So, in the mix of all the horror stories, it is somewhat refreshing to hear the amazing stories that also happen. I came across a post today over at another blog that I follow that was a nice alternative to such horror stories about breastfeeding. .

I haven't completely decided on breastfeeding, but I've told myself that I would try it out and see how things go. I believe it is a personal choice and I don't have to explain my decision to anyone. And, I'm not going to beat myself up later if I decide not to do it, nor will I let anyone criticize my decision. Because, quite frankly, I don't care about other people's opinions. It matters what makes sense for my family.

The point of my story is that this post made me realize that some people have awesome experiences with pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding. And, that I shouldn't really worry about all of the horror stories because at the end of the day, everyone's experiences are different and no two are alike.


  1. In my defense I told you that story wwwaaayyy before you were preggo!!

  2. you still shouldn't have told us!! That story is burned into our memories forever...and the horror! knew we wanted kids one day!

  3. In the end, your baby boy will be the most precious thing you've ever laid your eyes on. You'll be so full of love for him. Nothing else matters.

    And PS - why do you two still listen to Eads?