Monday, September 6, 2010

First Pediatrician Appointment

We had our first pediatrician appointment on Saturday. The nurse escorted us to the exam room and told us to strip him down so we could weigh him. Lonnie took care of this since I was busy filling out paperwork. Everyone knows you have to be careful with little boys....everyone except Lonnie apparently. As soon as he took off Gavin's diaper he started peeing everywhere. All over Gavin, all over the exam table and all over the WALL. The only thing Lonnie had available to him was the wipe he had gotten out. The clean diaper was still in the diaper bag. Lonnie started freaking out "What do I do! What do I do! Come help!" All I could do was laugh. I don't move as fast as I used to after the c-section so I wasn't much help.

Now Lonnie's extra careful when he changes Gavin's diaper. Lesson learned. The good news is everything was fine at the pediatrician's office. Gavin's gained back 4 oz that he lost after birth and his bilirubin levels went down so he doesn't have jaundice.

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