Monday, November 1, 2010

Who Does Gavin Look Like?

So, do you remember when Lonnie had a dream about our baby turning out like a treasure troll (see post here)? This kid is waaaayyyy cuter than a treasure troll :)

So, I already know he's cuter than a treasure troll. However, in the past week I've been told that he looks like

Mean Uncle Justin and Uncle Mike :) On another note, after Lonnie and I found out the sex, we went shopping for Gavin's going home outfit. This is the outfit we picked out, but it turned out, it swallowed him whole! He didn't fit into it until he was 8 weeks old!


  1. I apologize for my husband...but you know how he is! He also called Gavin Lex Luther the first time you'all came over!

    He looks like Lonnie right I guess Lonnie looks like Howard the Duck and Curious George too :)

  2. I am going Lonnie Jr. So if he looks like Howard (Heart that movie BTW) then so does Lonnie and that means Justin probably does too. Aren't they brothers!