Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 Month Stats...a little late

Gavin had his 4 month wellness check on January 6. Overall, he's doing awesome! He's meeting all of his milestones. He's still on the small side, but he's thriving and growing along his own growth curve.

His 4 month stats were:
Weight: 12 lbs
Height: 24 inches

After his 4 month pedi appointment, we decided to go ahead and start him on solids. He was staring us down when we were eating and starting to open his mouth when he saw us eating so it was time! This picture was from his first time with cereal. He wasn't too sure about it at first but he ended up eating almost all of it. Since then, he's had sweet potatoes and butternut squash. He likes the veggies much better than the cereal.

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