Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 4: Photo Challenge

Picture taken with my iphone tonight

Day 4: A photo of your night

My nights always feel so rushed. I get home from work and greet Gavin with some play time while Lonnie gets dinner going. I feed Gavin his dinner and then Lonnie and I eat. Lonnie then washes bottles while I give Gavin a bath. This is when I slow down. Gavin is starting to love bath time. He loves to splash the water and play with his little rubber ducky. I scrub him down and then let him play for a little bit. Then, diaper, pajamas, and bed!



  1. he looks so big in this picture...I just can't believe it. and cute as always!

    how do I get my husband to wash bottles every night? hummmm...gonna have to work on that one

  2. I love this picture - he is SO cute!!!