Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ochos Rios, Jamaica

August 7, 2006

I went back today and looked at our wedding pictures. Lonnie and I have been together 10 1/2 years now, married 3 1/2 years. Looking back, I realized how far we've come as husband and wife. When I got married, I didn't think I could love this man any more than I did on our wedding day. I was wrong. I love him even more. We had our 2nd trimester ultrasound yesterday and I'll never forget the look on his face during the ultrasound. He just beamed. I could tell this was one of his proudest moments. He was so proud that we were having a little boy. A little person he can teach how to play basketball or catch a football. A little person who is going to get into trouble and make him realize all the crazy stuff he did when he was a kid. A little person that is going to look up to him in a way that he looks up to his father.

I'll never forget that look on his face yesterday, and I'm so happy that we are starting a family. Yesterday proved that we are ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

"That is happiness; to be dissolved into something completely great." Willa Cather

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