Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Promise to Myself

So, I ran into this article called "Are you raising a douchebag?" on another blog that I secretly follow.


And, it got me thinking about my future parenting skills. I've been around kids pretty much my whole life since my mom had an in-home daycare while I was growing up. I learned at a very early age what a "brat" was...and I decided then that I would NEVER have a child like that. Of course, everyone says that at some point or another. But, I really believe that kids should be kids and parents should be parents. Parents should be parents, not friends. I want a close relationship with my child, but I've seen too many times where children make the rules. It was always extremely obvious when a child ruled the roost....a kid was completely well-behaved around my mom and as soon as the parents walked in the door they became complete brats. So, I'm making a promise to myself right now...I WILL NOT RAISE A DOUCHEBAG!

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