Monday, August 30, 2010

Too much time on my hands.....

This waiting game stinks. This is day 3 past my due date and I'm losing my mind. Yesterday, Lonnie and I woke up early so we decided to go out for breakfast. This is typically our routine if we happen to wake up on a Sunday morning with nothing to do and no food in the house. After breakfast, we went home for a little bit. Less than an hour later, I was bored. Since I wanted to encourage Gavin to come out and play, we headed to the mall to walk around and window shop. It was nice just getting out of the house and getting my mind off of the fact that I have a stubborn child who will probably live at home until he is thirty. We got home around 2:30 or so and I decided I was going to lay down and take a nap (for lack of something else to do). I woke up around 4 p.m. to a contraction. About 15 minutes later, another one. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I decided to keep "napping." Contractions continued at about 15 minutes apart until around 7 p.m. And then they stopped. I just looked at Lonnie like WTF. I bounced on the exercise ball trying to get them to return, but they didn't. So I went to bed.

At 1 a.m. I woke up to another contraction. I tried to doze off in case it was another false alarm. By 3 a.m. they were coming about 8-9 minutes apart so I went and turned on the tv in the living room and started bouncing on the exercise ball. Around 4 or so, I decided I should probably try to lay back down in case this was the real deal. I needed to rest if I was really in labor. I continued to time them and they continued to be about 8-9 minutes apart until around 8:15 a.m. That was my last contraction. Poof! They were gone again.

False labor sucks. I feel like the boy who cried wolf.

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