Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1: Photo Challenge!

I don't normally participate in challenges on my blog. Mainly because I'm using it as a baby book. But mainly cause I suck. But, when I found out about the 30 Photo Challenge that Elizabeth is doing, I figured why not!? I can't promise any of these pictures will be great or that I'll have witty little answers to go with them. Here goes nothing!

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

Ten facts about me….

  1. I get super excited about office supplies. Pens, expo markers, folders, paper clips….you name it.

  2. I like being short. It makes me memorable…hahaha

  3. I eat 3 musketeer bars in an unusual way. I eat the chocolate first, then the “fluff” in the middle. It tastes better that way.

  4. I eat hot wings with a fork. I love spicy stuff, but not on my lips.

  5. I hate shopping but I love getting new clothes. Mainly because I can never find stuff that fits.

  6. Oysters remind of snot. Sorry for those oyster lovers!

  7. I cannot say the word testosterone. I’ve given up.

  8. I love hair products but I hate using them. I wish I could pull off the shaved head look on most days.

  9. Doing laundry is torturous to me. I don’t mind putting the clothes into the washer, but folding and putting away laundry is hell.

  10. I’m shy at first. It takes me a while to warm up to people.



  1. that's why we're best friends...I eat my three musketeer bar the same way! :)

    I can't say the word I gave up and just say girly