Monday, March 7, 2011

6 Month Stats!

Gavin had his 6 month check up today. He got two shots and an oral vaccine. He must have been hungry because as soon as the nurse stuck the oral vaccine in his mouth, he sucked it down in no time! He took it like a pro! His shots on the other hand.....he did not like his shots today. He screamed bloody murder for about 5 minutes afterwards....he just screamed and cried and cried! It about broke my heart. Poor little stinker!

Weight: 15 lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 26 in (30th percentile)
Head: 43 cm (30th percentile)

He made major improvements with his growth this time. Still small of course, but he's heading in the right direction at least!

Oh, and my little boy has two teeth now! He cut them late last week. I've been trying to get a picture of them for a couple days but everything I try to pry his mouth open he sticks out his tongue and covers them up! Oh well. Maybe one day....

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