Thursday, May 20, 2010

And then there was one....

Cupcake, that is. My husband bought these when I sent him out on Monday to search for watergate salad. It's Thursday and I have one cupcake left. I'm a little sad about the cupcake, but I'm really friggin mad about the watergate salad. You see, I've been trying to get some for what seems like a freakin' month. On Monday, I told my husband that "this was a SERIOUS craving" and off he went to the store. Only, he didn't come home with watergate salad. Instead, he came home with cupcakes and gummy bears (the two bags of gummy bears are gone...within about 12 hours with the help of my dear pregnant friend, Dana...that's what happens when you stick two pregnant ladies in a conference room all day with gummy bears...they disappear...quickly). Of course I was mad about the watergate salad, but he was forgiven since he brought me cupcakes. But, I still wanted watergate salad. (Note: A craving cannot be cured with a substitute. It only delays the craving for a short period of time.)
So, on Wednesday, I went back to Lowe's Foods in search of some watergate salad. Once again, the deli people didn't make any! The nice, little deli lady did tell me that it was easy to make though, so I went in search of all of the ingredients. I got home and immediately starting making it based off what the lady said.
Let me just tell you. I better not see that same little deli lady again. She said it was easy. I just ended up with a soupy mess. It wasn't the creamy, green goodness that I remembered. I followed her instructions and they were wrong. It's a really good thing I had cupcakes as a backup. But, guess what ya'll? I still want watergate salad.
For now, this last little cupcake will have to do.


  1. My step-mom makes THE BEST watergate salad ever. She's coming to NC this weekend for Landon's party..I'll ask her if she'll make some for my dear friend Kari & bring it to you Monday! :)

  2. Ummm....yeah, so I really appreciate the gummy bears...but WTF! Where is my cupcake!

  3. Katherine - I might actually shed a tear if I ever get watergate salad.

    Dana - sorry I ate them all. In like 3 days. And they were good.