Saturday, May 29, 2010


So, I was sitting at work yesterday and went to put lotion on my hands. As I always do, I went to take off my wedding rings. They've always been pretty snug, but O.M.G. They almost didn't come off! When I finally did manage to wiggle them off my finger, I had major indentations where they used to be. So, for now, farewell wedding rings. I'll see you in September. Now I feel naked.


  1. I wore my grandmother's band (which was a few sizes larger than what I normally wear) during my pregnancies. I felt so naked without mine too and had to wear something. I've also heard of people buying a cheap, thin band to wear. Just so you have something to wear.

  2. i might cry when I can't wear mine...and I know it's coming soon! where can we find a cheap replacement so we don;t feel so naked?